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Indonesian Martial Arts

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BN Silat Paisley provides an integrated class schedule of learning through exploration, scrutiny, and self-reflection. Our classes combine hands-on experience with knowledge-based teaching - take a look at our offerings and contact us to learn more.

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Hands-On Learning

This class has been highly regarded by countless students throughout the years, and has provided the perfect foundation to enter the next level of learning. Get in touch with questions or to learn more.

Growing Together

Through seminars with the Head Instructor of the Naga Kuning Institute, Walter van den Broeke, students have the opportunity to push their skills, techniques and confidence to a new level in a fun, dynamic way. Contact us today to learn more about the next seminar.



After over a decade and a half of martial arts training, I opened my first club (Paisley Silat Club) in January 2013 to provide an environment where like minded individuals could learn, train, develop, share their knowledge and grow within the many aspects of the multitude of systems, styles, and arts loosely covered by the term “Silat”

My intention was (and still is) to continue the journey by actively seeking out, training with, and learning from those with greater knowledge, understanding, and experience than myself.

In 2016 our main focus shifted towards Pukulan Pentjak Silat Bukti Negara - The Unified Art and Silat Buka Lingkaran.

As both groups grew and developed within the respective arts, the time came to move premises and create two separate clubs. 

BN Silat Paisley was established in 2020 to continue the study of Pukulan Pentjak Silat Bukti Negara - The Unified Art in Paisley.

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